App that offers safe archiving
of all receipts, guarantees, an overview and analysis of your spending,
storing loyalty cards and, at the same time, contributes to preserving the environment.

All receipts

All of your receipts in one place. The retailers upload them into the system and you can add them yourself.

All retailers

Our system connects more and more retailers, retail chains, shops and other providers. Check out where you can receive a digital receipt upon purchase.

Advanced search

Simple, yet capable search engine enables you an advanced search of your receipts and guarantees.



You can add guarantees to individual products on the receipt. When you need to claim guarantee, you will never need to look for the receipt again.

Manual entry

You can enter your receipts manually as well. You take a photo, and the system will fill in the data via the QR code on the receipt. If taking a picture is not successful, you can enter the data manually. You can then add possible guarantees and save.


Your receipts are safely stored with us, and only you can access them from various devices (computers, tabs and mobile phones).


All guarantees and receipts in one place

Considering the receipts end up in the bin or fade away after some time, it often happens that one cannot return a product, claim guarantee or file a complaint.
After you receive the eReceipt in the app, you have the option of adding guarantee data as well as information on its duration. You can also add a photo of the guarantee certificate. This way, you have all the information available in case you need it. And the app will remind you before the guarantee runs out.

Simple adding

Select the desired digital receipt and add subject guarantees and guarantee certificates. You can add or change the guarantees at all times.

G as guarantee

The G mark on the list of receipts means the receipt includes a product with entered guarantee.

Manually-entered receipts

You can enter the guarantees in the manually-entered receipts.

Claiming the guarantee

When you decide to claim the guarantee for a certain product, locate the subject receipt and show the retailer all the necessary documentation.

Loyalty cards

In the noprintZ app, simply archive all loyalty cards, which means an even simpler way of receiving digital receipts.

All cards in one place

By scanning the barcode on your card, simply save all your loyalty cards to the noprintZ app.

Binding the loyalty card and the noprintZ code

They will be bound once you submit the noprintZ code and the loyalty card code for the first time at the cashier's. The next purchase will only require the loyalty card to receive the eReceipt.

Z Mark

The Z mark at the corner of the loyalty card means the loyalty card and the noprintZ code are already merged.

Card management

You can review and fix your cards anytime or cut the connections with the noprintZ at all times, or delete or add new cards.


Monitor your spending

The noprintZ app offers you a detailed review over the spending of your money and control over purchases. By reviewing the statistics and purchase analytics, you can quickly notice the potential irregularities.

General purchase overview

The analytics offers you a clear view of the performed purchases in a certain time period.

Overview of retailers

Purchases over the certain time period are unified according to the individual retailers where the purchases were made.

Period selection

The app offers a quick selection of the pre-set periods, which you can use to quickly overview your data.

Discovering errors quickly

By overviewing the statistics according to the retailers, you can quickly detect the errors on calculated amounts and react easier and faster.

Check out what functions of the noprintZ app.

List of retailers
who already took the step toward green business
and offer their clients the option of digital receipts.

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Review of products under guarantee

All guarantees in one place. You can tag the products under guarantee yourself. And when you need it, you will locate it easily.

And the app will remind you before the guarantee runs out.

Simplified process of returning products and complaints

Our receipts quickly roam to the garbage bin, and we often regret doing so, since we need them in case of product return or complaint.

And the receipts printed on thermal paper soon fade away and become useless. With eReceipts you can avoid such issues.


Manually-entered receipts

You can add the receipts manually. You can photograph the complete receipt or the QR code on the receipt.

The list contains receipts with a blue dot in the right upper corner.

New features in 2021




There are more novelties on the way. So, keep following us.

The future is here, do not miss out!

Download the noprintZ app and start using environmentally friendly and useful digital receipts.