Become an environmentally-friendly retailer

Did you know Slovenia issues between 3 and 5 million tax certified receipts each day? Up to 600 kilometres of paper in receipt rolls is used each day for receipts only. That equals the path from Portorož to Hodoš and back.

Why print on paper if there is a better way?
We present you the noprintZ app for paperless digital receipts, sent directly from your cashier to the client’s mobile phone.

Less contacts, less contact with BPA

Take care of your employees and clients. An eReceipt is sent directly to the app, reducing the risk of contact and infection.

Did you know most receipts are coated in BPA - a dangerous substance, classified as a hormonal disruptor and a threat to your health? Due to the content of BPA the receipts cannot be recycled.

Know your client

Targeted advertising

The option of implementing effective marketing with personalised and dynamic content on the receipts (ads, catalogues, coupons, news, discounts, etc.).

Insight into your clients’ shopping habits

Access to daily analyses of aggregated and anonymous data of shopping habits. Comparison of your shop's shopping cart to the market's average.

Segmented coupons, A/B tests, questionnaires on customer satisfaction

Learn which marketing text or picture really works and convinces the buyer to return by integrating A/B testing of coupons, catalogues and other advertising material.

Loyalty cards

If you do not own a system of loyalty cards, this is a perfect opportunity for you to finally learn about the needs and wishes of your customers.


Reduce business costs

Simplify your business by introducing digital receipts.

Paper receipts

Paper consumption
Ink consumption
Printers replacement

Digital receipts

Digital form
Integrated processing
Lower costs
Connection with clients

Simple use for salespersons and customers

A customer receives the eReceipts directly into their app by scanning the loyalty card or the noprintZ code.


The future is here,
do not miss out!

Connect your system with the noprintZ app and offer your customers the option of using environmentally-friendly and handy digital receipts, as offered by many other retailers.


List of cash register providers who already provide noprintZ service