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Opinions of V2.0 app testers

Anonymous tester 01

“TOP app! Useful in managing your own records of money consumption and worrying about all those cards that are always in one pile, and handy when I need them."

Anonymous tester 02

“Positive experience. I like it, how it simply scans or photographs an receipt and it is all in one place. Besides that, you can see your consumption even from six months ago."

Anonymous tester 03

“Great! If they keep it this simple, most of the receipts will end up in the app on their own, and the others are easily uploaded with the QR code. It will be fantastic and I will definitely use it."

Anonymous tester 04

"The fact-important receipts are in the same place, especially those with guarantee and those that stand for most monthly purchases, so I can compare the consumption." Physical receipts fade away (those you need to claim guarantee on usually fade away before the guarantee expires), photocopying is time-consuming, and the photo gets lost in the gallery somewhere. So, this is really great and the greatest advantage to me."

Anonymous tester 05

“Ecological perspective, digitalisation of transactions instead of the one-time use of paper. An app that enables the user guaranteed safety of storage in an overview of certificates about purchases and guarantees.”

Anonymous tester 06

“Collecting all receipts and loyalty cards in one place. Also, certain retailers do not print the receipts on paper, which is welcomed in taking care of our planet.”

Anonymous tester 07

“Very good and innovative idea. The world needs to be protected and nowadays everyone has their own smartphone, so why not get receipts on it and save the world by doing that? Good idea!”

Anonymous tester 08

"Saving and reviewing receipts. Honestly, there is just to much paper wasted on printing receipts which fade away after a couple of months."

Anonymous tester 09

"App by itself is an awesome idea! I recommend it to my friends. I would be grateful if you could add current flyers/catalogues of those retailers whose loyalty cards I have saved :)"


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